Chedeville Mouthpiece Selection Guide

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Chedeville Type 1

The Type 1 Chedeville mouthpiece has a smaller tip opening and short lay enable great flexibility with a pointed resonant sound that projects well with immediate attack yet with the characteristic warmth and concentrated core of all Chedeville mouthpieces.

Chedeville Type 2

Type 2 Chedeville mouthpieces have a larger tip opening and short lay enable great power and sound color and a room filling projection. This is the most flexible of all the Chedeville mouthpieces and responds to the players own style with ease. Chedeville 2 is wonderful mouthpiece for the jazz player.

Chedeville Type 3

The medium tip opening and a medium lay makes Chedeville Type 3 mouthpiece the most versatile in the Chedeville series. It has great sound color and warmth with brilliance to the core focal point. It is flexible to allow the player to display their own style in either solo, ensemble, or orchestral settings.

Chedeville Type 4

The Type 4 has a smaller tip opening and medium lay. Chedeville Type 4 mouthpieces bring out the greatest crystal brilliance and sound color with a tightly focused core, deep warmth, and silky smooth legato.

Chedeville Prime

The Chedeville Prime mouthpiece is reed friendly and designed to be played with Vandoren V-12 #3 to #3 ½ reeds for best performance. The Chedeville Prime is a quantum step above other plastic student mouthpieces and will carry the progressing clarinetist from beginner though college. Every player should strive to obtain the best equipment possible at an affordable price point to allow them to develop at their own fastest pace. The Chedeville Prime mouthpiece speaks easily with a warm ringing tone characteristic.