History of Chedeville Mouthpieces and Barrels

The Chedeville factory produced machined mouthpieces and blanks using rod rubber from the late 1920's through the early 1940's under the names of Charles and Henri Chedeville. They also produced mouthpieces for many of the clarinet manufacturers of the time including Buffet. Later, these rod rubber blanks were used by the world famous Kaspars to make some of the best and most desired mouthpieces of the last century.

Today's molded mouthpieces, even the molded blanks used by custom makers, do not have the cherished sound color, crystal clarity, or precision machining of the old Chedeville rod rubber mouthpieces. Molded mouthpieces warp and deform during cooling which does affect performance and tone.

After WWII the rubber industry changed forever and necessarily the raw rubber sources and formulation of ingredients used in molding products differ from the rod rubber produced by Chedeville in the 30's and 40's. Dr. L. Omar Henderson, Ph.D., Research Chemist has recreated the rod rubber formulation and Chedeville manufacturing techniques through years of painstaking historical research and using state-of-the-art scientific instrumentation. This rod rubber is the most accurate recreation of the original Chedeville rubber and has amazing resonance qualities not present in molded rubber mouthpieces.

The best of the classic Chedeville mouthpiece designs have been precisely measured by 21st. century laser measuring instruments and the difficult to measure internal architecture recreated by a proprietary measurement technique to thousands of a millimeter tolerance.

These measurements are used to program ultra-precision 5 dimension CNC machines to produce exact duplicates of the original model.

A Brief History of Charles and Henri Chedeville Mouthpieces and the Chedeville Company

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