Create Your Own Custom Mouthpiece


Apply your mouthpiece maker’s art to the finest Chedeville rubber blanks available anywhere. These blanks are CNC machined from Chedeville rod rubber stock to exacting tolerances.

The results will astound your customers and elevate your custom mouthpieces to the top tier and give you the opportunity to provide the most desired mouthpieces in the woodwind community with your own branding. Minimum order is 5 blanks of 1 style. Ask your supplier to stock Chedeville blanks.

Insured shipping and handling by most economical method.
Invoicing Net 30 days for approved customers.



Custom Mouthpiece Blanks can be machined from Chedeville rod rubber to your exact specifications given a finished mouthpiece model supplied. A custom measurement charge, professional symmetrical modeling and prototype provided at additional fee. Fifty mouthpieces supplied free of charge in the first production run. Yearly minimum order may be applied. Custom styles are exclusive and will not be sold to others. Contact us for further details.

STYLE 1 – Mouthpiece blanks in the classic Chedeville dimensions. Short lay, small tip opening for your own customization.

STYLE 2 – Mouthpiece blanks in modern dimensions. Short lay, small tip opening for you own customization.