Chedeville barrels are made from the same rod rubber as the famous Chedeville mouthpieces.  Chedeville barrels also have the same great resonance as Chedeville mouthpieces. Pairing your Chedeville mouthpiece with a Chedeville barrel will produce an amazing sound with crystal clear brilliance and a concentrated center and a spectrum of sound color and warmth.

Extensive collaboration with Dr. Allan Segal, custom barrel maker, and several noted professional clarinetists has yielded barrels with 2 unique tapers with exceptional performance. Ebonite (vulcanized rubber) has entirely different acoustic properties than woods, plastic, etc. and several years of testing, retesting and acoustic analysis were needed to arrive at the exact taper for each barrel type.

Presently Taper 1 is offered which is suited for newer Buffet R-13 and RC clarinets (1990’s – present) and Taper 2 for older (1950’s through early 1990’s) clarinets, but each player should try both to determine their individual preference.  Barrels for other clarinets are in progress but customers have just reported that both tapers work well on LeBlanc Opus, Concerto, and Symphony, Yamaha custom models (except CSG) and Selmer 10 G. They have also said that Taper 1 barrels work well on their “A” clarinets too.

Taper 1: is suited for newer Buffet R-13 and RC clarinets (1990’s – present), available in 65mm, 66mm, and 67mm sizes

Taper 2: Is suited for older clarinets (1950’s through early 1990’s), available in 65mm, 66mm, and 67mm sizes